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Great Events

Events of 1983

In September, pyrethrin was introduced from Japan, and Jinlu Perfect Mosquito Repellent Coil was researched and developed to open up the market with the characteristics of high efficiency and non-toxicity.

Events of 1986

In January, Jinlu Perfect Mosquito Repellent Coil to produced by our factory won the Innovation Award for the Small Commodity Quanzhou Fair.

Events of 1988

In December, Jinlu Perfect Mosquito Repellent Coil received the title of National Light Industry High-Quality Productsissued by the Ministry of Light Industry.

Events of 1989

On October 21st, The Director of Mr. Zhang Hua'an with the Overseas Chinese of the Philippines and Chairman of the CEMRO Group Mr. Wu Shengjing to signed the Sino-Philippine Joint Venture for Mosquito Coin Plant Contract, which is the Jinquan Contract.

Events of 1990

1. From March 15th to 23rd, a delegation of four people including Zhang Hua'an, Su Jincong, Xie Rongjin, and Lin Ruican visited the Cebu Province and Manila in Philippines and negotiated the matters of the joint venture. And conducted the Summary of the meeting.

2. In December, Jinlu brand electrothermal mosquito-repellent incense tablets received the title of Quality Product of Light Industry Departmentissued by the State Light Industry Department.

Events of 1991

1. On March 4th, the Fujian Provincial Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission approved the Joint Venture of Huasheng Mosquito-repellent Inc. (Philippines) Co., Ltd.. On the 11th, Director Zhang Hua'an met with Mr. Wu Shengjing, the overseas Chinese of the Philippines and the CEO of CENAPRO Group, at the Quanzhou Golden Spring Hotel. The two parties negotiated on matters concerning the investment and establishment of factories in the Philippines.

2. In October,  Jinlu brand cockroach tablet was successfully developed.

3.From December 16 to 25, Director Zhang Hua'an visited Japans Sumitomo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. to learn about the dynamics of Japanese family health drug application technology.

Events of 1992

1. In early January, Mr. Zhang Huaan went to Japan's Sumitomo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Head Office, Research Institute, Sumitomo Chemical Bio-Environmental Science Research Institute and other advanced technologies and knowledge about family epidemic prevention medicine, and also introduced Chinas The status quo has made tremendous contributions to promoting the development of Sino-Japanese exchanges and friendly relations in this field.

2.In June and June, the Golden Deer Shield was awarded the Gold Award for Fujian Invention and Innovation Achievement Exhibition.

3. On October 16th, Jinlu mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, and stubble-repellent incense won the Best Exhibition Prize at the Beijing International Invention Exhibition.

Events of 1993

1. From January 2 to January 10, at the invitation of France Russell Thailand Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Huaan visited the Thai Government Research Center and pesticide manufacturers.

2.In January, Sino-foreign joint venture Huasheng Mosquito Co., Ltd. (Philippines) Co., Ltd. was officially put into production.

3.In March, Jinlu Electric Mosquito Repellent Tablets won the "Golden Cup" national best-selling product best prize; Jinlu Branded Mushroom won the silver prize at the 21st Geneva International Invention and Technology Innovation Exhibition; Zhang Hua'an was awarded 21 Geneva International Invention Silver Award.

4. On August 1, the registered trademark of Jinluwas awarded the famous trademark of Fujian Province (1992) by Fujian Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce.

5. On November 4th to 13th, at the invitation of the American Chinese TV Station and the United States, the General Manager Zhang Huaan visited the Los Angeles, New York, Washington, and other places.

Events of 1994

1. On May 5th, Jinlu brand electrothermal mosquito-repellent incense tablets and disc mosquito-repellent incense were listed by the National Mosquito Repellent Industrial Cooperative Group and the Light Industry Department Daily Miscellaneous Topics Supervision and Inspection Center as the 1994 recommendation products.

2. On June 14, the Golden Deer aerosol insecticide won the gold medal of the Fifth Asia-Pacific International Trade Fair.

3.In March and December, Jinlu Perfect Mosquito Repellent Coils was listed as a Quality Product Award by the Ministry of Light Industry.

Events of 1995
1.In January and January, the Goldeer Cockroach Killer Tablet was awarded the second prize for outstanding new products of China Light Industry (China Light Industry Association);
2. In February and April, General Manager Zhang Hua'an was awarded the title of National Labor Model by the State Council, Jin Jing commended and was received by President Jiang Zemin
3. From November 20th to 27th, at the invitation of Germany's Ageford Company, Zhang Hua'an and Lin Ruican visited London, Paris, France, and other places.
4.In April and December, the company was honored as a National Outstanding Light Industry Enterprise by China National Light Industry Association.
Events of 1996
1.In July, mosquito-repellent mosquito coils and electric mosquito killer tablet were listed as products recommended by the China Sundries Industry Association in 1996.
2. On September 4-10, at the invitation of Japan’s Sumitomo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Zhang Hua’an, Chen Wencai, Chen Zaifu and three others visited Osaka and Tokyo in Japan to exchange information on the application technology of family epidemic prevention drugs.
Events of 1997
1. On June 30, assessed by the Fujian Huicheng Asset Appraisal Firm under the Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, the value of the Gold Deer (Jinlu) brand intangible assets was RMB 702.8 million.
2.In July and July, Jinlu brand mosquito coils were awarded “China Consumer Trustworthy Products” by the National Consumer Association.
3. On August 10-20, at the invitation of Malaysian Huang Private Co., Ltd., Zhang Hua'an, Chen Tianlai, Huang Chao'an and three other people visited Malaysia.
Events of 1998
1. From October 25th to November 15th, Zhang Huaan and Chen Wencai visited Europe, France, Germany, Switzerland and other European countries.
2. On November 16th, the “Jinlu JIN LU” trademark was recognized by Fujian Industrial and Commercial Bureau as a famous trademark of Fujian Province.
3. On December 30th, three products of mosquito coils, electric mosquito-repellent mosquito coils and insecticidal aerosols took the lead through the 1SO9002 quality system certification in the same industry.
Events of 1999
1. On March 12, General Manager Zhang Hua'an attended the second session of the Ninth National People's Congress and was cordially received by President Jiang Zemin and took photos together.
2. On March 24th, the Jinlu brand mosquito coils were listed as “the third batch of key protected brand name products” by the National Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.
3. On October 17-31, Zhang Huaan, general manager and Huang Yinhui went to South Africa to participate in the South African International Trade Fair, and visited and visited places such as Johannesburg and Cape Town.
Events of 2000
1.In May and May, our company was awarded the “2000-2001 Category A Taxpaying Enterprise” title by Quanzhou Municipal State Taxation Bureau.
2. On June 7, the company was identified as "high-tech enterprise in Fujian Province" by the Provincial Science and Technology Commission.
3. On July 9, Fujian Provincial Governor Xi Jinping visited our Jinlu Industrial Park and inspected the development of Jinlu, and expressed strong support for the application of the “Jinlu” trademark of the company to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for the determination of Chinese well-known trademarks.
4.In April and October, the "Golden Deer" trademark was listed as "National Important Protection Trademark" by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.
Events of 2001
On April 29th, Yin Guowei, Chairman of the China Commodity Accessories Association, and Secretary-General Lan Risheng visited our company to investigate and understand our production, sales, and scientific research, and actively supported our company's “Golden Deer” to apply for the Chinese famous trademark.
Events of 2002
1. On February 16th (the fifth day of the first month), the State Finance Minister Xiang Huaicheng visited our company at the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee.
2. On March 11, General Manager Zhang Hua'an attended the Fifth Session of the Ninth National People's Congress and was cordially received by Chairman Li Peng.
3. On March 12th, the “Golden Deer” trademark review was recognized as a well-known trademark in China, covering three major leading products: mosquito coils, electric mosquito coils, and insecticidal aerosols.
4. On September 29, the Fujian Ruichang Branch of Jinlu Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. was formally registered and established.
Events of 2003
1.In January, Chairman Zhang Hua'an was re-elected as the representative of the National People's Congress. At the end of February, Jin Jing attended the 10th National People's Congress.
2.In January, our company was awarded the title of “National Shou-Credit-Credible Enterprise” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.
3. On November 7th, Jinlu brand mosquito coils and insecticide aerosols won the “China Environmental Label Product Certification” issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration.
Events of 2004
On August 31st, Zhang Guangrong, Secretary-General of the National Commodities Association, visited our company for inspection and guidance.
Events of 2005
1. On February 25th, Director Yu Xianzhong of the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, accompanied by Director-General Sun Haishan of Fujian Provincial Bureau of Technical Supervision and Director Li Quanzhou Bureau of Technical Supervision, visited our company for research on the evaluation of Chinese famous brand products.
2. On June 3rd, our company was awarded the honorary title of “National Model Staff Home” by the National Federation of Trade Unions.
Events of 2006
On February 11th, Mr. Ma Yi, Secretary-General of the National Family Health Pesticides Professional Committee visited our company for inspection and guidance work, and highly appreciated the development of the entire industry as a leading company in the mosquito-repellent incense industry in the country, and sent it to our company for further development. Maintain a rapid and healthy development.
Events of 2007
1. On February 30, Chairman Zhang went to Beijing to attend the fifth session of the Tenth National People’s Congress.
2.On August 13th, our company participated in the appraisal meeting organized by the Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission. Our company's environment-friendly chain killing plastic bait was identified as the domestic advanced level, and the environment-friendly water microemulsion homogeneous water-based aerosol was identified as the leading domestic level.
3.On September 7, Sumitomo Corporation paid a visit to our company.
Events of 2008
1.From May 7 to May 17, General Manager Zhang Xiangrong visited the three countries of Slovenia, Croatia and Austria with Jia Qinglin, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.
2.From May 16 to May 21, our company donated 220,000 yuan in cash for the earthquake-stricken area in Wenchuan, Sichuan.
3.In September, Jinlu mosquito-repellent incense was officially rated as the “China mosquito-repellent incense industry landmark brand” in 2008.
Events of 2009
1.On June 3, our company successfully passed the re-evaluation of the China Environmental Labeling System Certification.
2.On October 25th, Indonesian Overseas Chinese Visiting Delegation from North Jiangsu Province came to visit our company. Fang Jiaxu, Assistant to General Manager, warmly received and led the delegation to visit the exhibition hall and the production workshop of the factory, leaving a good impression on the Indonesian delegation.
Events of 2012
1.In June, our company was awarded the title of China Mosquito Repelling Industry Brand by the China Brand Academy.
2.In June, our company participated in a cross-strait employee innovation exhibition and won 1 silver and 9 copper.
3.In September, our high-tech enterprise re-approved.
Events of 2013
1.On March 27th, our “Tsing Lunbao” Chinese trademark was successfully authorized by the State Administration of Trademarks.
2.On May 15th, the patent for invention of a “string incense and its production method” was successfully authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office.
Events of 2014
On May 12th, 2014, more than 100 families from Quanzhou, mothers' day in the planning stage of the brand operation center, participated in the parent-child laundry event to create a Guinness World Record. On the same day, they received the certification from the world-famous Guinness headquarters at the event. The parent-child laundry activity created a record for the great world of Ginis and issued a certificate on the spot.
Events of 2015
1.On April 25, 2015, Jinlu Group teamed up with Phoenix Legend to perform strong entertainment marketing with the Fenghuang Legend of the Shenqu Tiantuan. It once again demonstrated the decisive role of the Jinlu brand in using the star effect for marketing. This successful market operation A good example for a later corporate sponsored performing arts event.
2.On August 18, 2015, the China Brand Research Institute and Brand Watch magazine unveiled the 2015 China Top 500 Most Valuable Brands list. Golden Deer ranks among the top 500 with a brand value of RMB 7.522 billion and ranks 406.
3.On February 11, 2015, the R&D Center obtained an invention patent: an anti-mosquito repellent cream with ibuprogesterone; applied for a patent grant from the relevant science and technology department, amounting to 35,000;
4.On April 22, 2015, the company successfully passed the annual review of ISO 9001 international quality management system certification;
5.On June 4, 2015, the company's smokeless mosquito-repellent incense and water-based insecticide aerosol products successfully passed the certification of China's environmental labeling products;
Events of 2016
1.In September 2016, our smokeless mosquito-repellent incense coils, water-based insecticide aerosols, and electric mosquito-repellent incense liquid (added items) passed the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification.
2.In 2016, the R&D Center applied for a patent, obtained a utility model patent, “a new type of USB interface mosquito repellent” and two appearance patents, namely “Mosquito Repellent Box” and “Line Fragrance Packaging Box”.
Events of 2017
On May 18th, 2017, Jinlu Group launched the “Golden Deer” high-speed rail name from Ganzhou to Shanghai Hongqiao, and launched high-speed railcars with full-media advertising. This will strengthen the brand awareness and social attention, while also dedicating Jinlu Quality brings more consumers to cities;


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